Magistrix Texan (erstwhiletexan) wrote in heliumfans,
Magistrix Texan

The question begs asking.

Everyone, hello. I've been a member for some time now, but this is my first post to the community. I am Skeiburg. I, as do you all, love Strindberg & Helium.

My question is thus: what is your favorite of the four Strindberg & Helium cartoons, and why?

I will answer my own question: they are all my favorites. I love each, and am as likely to toss off a quote from one ("F and S, Helium! F. And. S.") as from another ("My soul is empty. I am dead to the world."). To try and choose one that I love above all the rest would be futile, and so I will cop-out utterly and completely, and say that I love them ALL.

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I've got a soft spot for the first one- "Who's hot tonight? Strindberg's hot tonight." And "...that is, man's enemy." "Women." *dies just thinking about it*
my favorite part's with the children.

"PAPA! PAPA! what's wrong, PAPA?!"