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Typical obligatory intro post!

I'm Lindsay, a 21-year-old Theatre Performance/Anthropology major, and I love August Strindberg's writing. A friend of mine on LJ (dancingdrew) is the one who introduced me to Strindberg + Helium, and I've since introduced a few choice friends to it as well. We have far too much fun with it.

Also, I posted because I thought you all would get a kick out of a part of a recent post from my personal LiveJournal:

Dan and I had much fun with Strindberg and Helium ideas today. He'd only seen "In Absinthe and Women" before, so I introduced him to the rest of them as he read the timeline of Strindberg's life and part of one of the plays in the Strindberg book I have. We decided that I'm going to apply to direct The Stronger for Footlights I (even though it's extremely short), and if I am accepted to direct it then we will do "In Absinthe and Women" as a preshow thing. He loved the idea, but only if he gets to be Strindberg *grins* He also decided that we need to hold a "Strindberg Deathday" celebration on May 14th--similar to Nearly Headless Nick's, I imagine, but without the rotting food and such ;-)
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